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  • Professional arboriculture
  • Trees trimmed and pruned
  • Felling
  • Emergency call-outs
  • Crown reduction and thinning
  • Hedge trimming

Complete Solutions

Reducing A Tree's Crown

Crown reduction , also known as "drop crotch pruning", is a process used to prune back a tree’s highest growth point which has grown larger than its current space. Most tree surgeons prefer using this overtopping process as it minimises stress and produces a more natural-looking feel.

It’s worth noting that reducing a tree's crown should be used only if necessary as stems can get wounded which can lead to disease and decay. In addition, this process isn’t ideal for all species of tree because some may react negatively and could experience poor health.

Crown Cleaning

This process typically removes the following:

  • Stubs from previous tree work
  • Diseased and dead branch wood
  • Objects that have been attached to the tree
  • Climbing foliage
  • Debris blown by the wind
  • Fungus and fruit

Formative pruning involves cutting back the tree's height while it’s a young age. This is done to give it a look that looks normal for the type or species concerned. The goal is to have tree stems that create the proper canopy structure by pruning the smaller stems. This process can leave tiny wounds.

You can pollard a tree by trimming the lower branches back to just a couple points. This is a helpful way to optimise the space available to different trees around your property. This is done according to the schedule of works. It may grow shoots out from its trunk. 

Cable Bracing 

There are different ways of ensuring a supported portion stays supported. One is to use some form of artificial support, such as a cable brace, which helps to lessen the damage that may be done if the unsupported part collapses.

Many trees have fragile foundations which can easily be damaged caused by the changing weather. Acacia trees produce leaves at the end of their branches. When snow accumulates on their branches, they break when the weight of the snow is too much for them to handle. 

Removing branches is a much better solution for Cedars when compared to bracing them. The uppermost branches of a Cyprus tree may also get permanently damaged by snow. For such trees, bracing may give some support. If that fails, cutting back could be an option


The Occupier Liability Act of 1984 states that property owners have a duty of care to trees residing on their property. This means it’s the responsibility of the property owner to care for the trees within their property.

While the act doesn’t require maintenance, it does require the proper care of your trees.

If a report is required, we can provide you with one.

You may need a tree report in these circumstances:

  • To sign-off a mortgage
  • To assess threats to neighbouring properties
  • When a tree is the potential cause of subsidence
  • If an insurance company requests
  • Shows evidence of foundational decay
  • You have a dispute with your tree


If you're a landowner who's looking to build or you're looking to buy a piece of property, you'll need a survey from a qualified tree surgeon.

A survey will inspect surrounding trees, bushes etc on the property you're buying and provide information on their condition. A survey will help you spot any potential problems early and can ensure that all things are in their proper place.

These surveys are impartial and can help in understanding the type of trees on the land, their age, condition and any potential hazards they pose.

A survey is important for any property owner. It can assess hazards, create safety policies, recommend corrective works and prepare a budget estimate.

There are several inspection methods that may be applied to suspicious trees. Some of these include elevated inspections that would require a climber, thermal photography, fluorescence tests and internal decay detection. A balanced strategy, where safety is prioritised over sustainability, might be the best option

Here's some of our past work.

We have a diverse range of skills and knowledge as our qualified team. As well as dealing with general domestic work, we can also undertake large-scale forestry projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is permission needed in order to remove my tree?

Contact your local council for regulations in your area. Some species of tree can be protected by preservation orders.


Which areas and locations do you serve?

We cover Leicestershire and a 30 mile from central Leicester.


How much do your tree services cost?

Cost is based on tree size and the required work. Send us a photo when you contact us and we will see if we can give you a price over the phone.

I have a fallen tree, do you do emergency callouts?

Yes of course. Simply contact us, send us some photos, so we have a better idea of your emergency.

Can you work on weekends?

We work on all days of the week apart from Sunday.


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